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It is very important that the safety of our Starz always comes first.  


Warming up and down at training and for fixtures is very important.  We encourage our players to strap, or purchase guards to wear both to training and on fixtures if they have ongoing weakness or niggling injuries.  Hopefully taking this precaution will limit major injuries to our players.

Even though we take the upmost care, players do get injured at training and during games.


Reporting of Injuries

If injuries occur at training sessions you will need to complete an Injury Report Form.  A copy of the form can be found on our website.  You are also asked to advise the Secretary of any injury.


Injuries at PRNA Courts or PRNA Events – If an injury occurs at PRNA you are asked to seek assistance from the First Aid Officer who will assess the injury and take details.  You will also need to advise the Starz Secretary for our records.​​

Insurance Claims

As a Club it is our responsibility to ensure that all registered players and officials are aware of the Insurance Cover that is in effect on their behalf.  A quote from the Netball Australia Insurance Handbook for 2013 states as follows – “To fulfil your moral and legal obligations as a sports administrator, it is important that you inform your members of the insurance that covers them. We recommend that every member and volunteer is made aware of the insurance cover that is in effect.”

Please take the time to click on the following link and familiarise yourself with the contents of the Insurance package provided by V-Insurance Group.

NB:  If you intend to make a claim you will need to get copies of the referrals for all treatments (including xrays) from your medical practitioner.  Can you please also advise the Starz Secretary if you make a claim.

Return to Play

Prior to a Player returning after injury – if attention was sought from a medical practitioner (doctor, physio, etc.) that resulted in missed training/games; then the player must obtain a written clearance from that practitioner before returning to training/fixtures.  Medical clearance is always required after a broken bone. 
This clearance is to be given to your Coach and an email sent through to the Secretary.

On returning to training/fixtures, the player should re-enter the game slowly, attending at least 1 full training session before playing again and then possibly only playing 2-3 quarters at the most on their first game back.

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