Please never assume that Saturday fixtures have been called off from what the weather is like when you wake up in the morning.  PRNA determine whether a game is called off or not on a round by round basis for the morning and will cancel afternoon games at 12 noon if warranted.

The best place to check if your round has been cancelled due to the weather is the PRNA Home Page and you would need to check this site on a regular basis prior to the commencement of your round. On checking the PRNA site ourselves, information would also be updated on our website and if possible on Facebook.

Please be mindful that on a showery day if your round has not been cancelled prior to your arriving at the court, you may turn up or even start the game and PRNA could still deem it unsafe to play and the round cancelled.

The 2014 PRNA Wet Weather Policy is as follows:


Up to and including 12.30 round.  Games will be cancelled 1 and 1/2 hours prior to commencement of fixtures. All forfeits advised prior to cancellation of fixtures will stand.  Notification of the cancellation will be placed on the PRNA website and Facebook.


2.  Afternoon Fixtures


Games will be cancelled at 12.30 pm. All forfeits advised prior to cancellation of fixtures will stand. Notification of the cancellation will be placed on the PRNA website and Facebook.


3. Unsafe Conditions


No games will be played in unsafe conditions. The cancellation of any games during the day will be at the discretion of the Umpiring Officer and the Umpiring Sub-Committee.

If a game has been deemed safe to play, a team not wishing to participate will be deemed to have forfeited the game. All forfeits advised prior to commencement of fixtures will stand.


4. Replay of Games – Cancelled before Commencement


Any individual fixture games cancelled will be played on any following Saturday and they will be double up games. In the event that the entire Saturday is cancelled, then the following shall apply: The following Saturday will be DOUBLE-UP games (ie. the first 2 quarters will be the game that is rostered to be played on that day and the second 2 quarters will be the “wet weather game”.

In the event that the last Saturday of fixtures is cancelled, only those games required to determine the composition of the “finals” teams will be played on the following Tuesday night. If the Tuesday night is unsuitable due to wet weather they will be played on the Wednesday night.   All other fixture games will be deemed to be cancelled.  In this instance, the umpires will remain on the same court they commence umpiring on for both halves.


5. Replay of Games – Cancelled after Commencement


If the condition of the court/s causes a fixture game to be cancelled before half time, this game must be replayed at a later date (as per Item 4 above) and all forfeits advised or otherwise will stand. If a fixture game is cancelled after half time, it will be classed as a game and the result of the game will be the score at the time the game was cancelled.

6. Replay of Games – Semi Final, Preliminary Final or Grand Final


If the condition of the court/s causes any Semi Final, Preliminary Final or Grand Final game/s to be cancelled before the completion of the game, the game/s shall be replayed in full on the following Tuesday night and if the entire Saturday Finals get cancelled the whole days games will be played the following Saturday, and will then put the following Saturday’s games progressively behind one week as approved by the Pine Rivers Netball Association Executive.

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