Coaching in 2020

We are continuing to build on our overall success and in 2020 we will see even more focus on coaching for success.  Our 2020 Vision will introduce the following...


  • Only the Director of Coaching will be a Committee position.  

  • In place of an Assistant Director of Coaching, we will have a Coaching Leadership Team.

  • Interested Players between the ages of 14 and 16 will be offered Cadet Coach positions.

Coaching Leadership Team

For the entire 2020 season (including pre-season and post-season) we have four (4) new key members of the Coaching Leadership Team...

  • Strength & Fitness Coordinator

  • Modified Coordinator

  • Junior Coordinator

  • Intermediate Coordinator

(Individuals for Coaching Leadership Team have been identified and will be announced at a later date.)

(More information about function of the Coaching Leadership Team will be provided at a later date.)

Cadet Coaches

Our younger members/players, between the ages of 14 and 17, who are interested in coaching netball will be invited to work with senior coaches.  Our aim is to develop future coaching starz.  Our Cadet Coaches will be placed with Modified and Junior Teams for now.  If one or more of our Starz shines brightly enough, then they may be invited to Coach on their own next season or placed with an Intermediate team.  As with our senior coaches, our Cadet Coaches will be required to complete KNEE for Coaches..


We will continue to require our coaches have as a minimum...

...and we highly encourage our coaches to also have...


United Starz is proud to boast that in 2019, all of our coaches had completed at least these two components and some had gone further.  We aim to improve on this in 2020.  For more information on Netball Coach Accreditations, please contact Andrew Hamlyn.


Netball Queensland is committed to creating a world class coaching environment.  To achieve this, they provide both accredited and non-accredited workshops that cater to the needs of coaches at all levels.  United Starz has a history of strong coaching bonafides and in 2020 we seek to improve upon this even more.  In 2019 we had all our coaches successfully obtain "Foundation" Level Accreditation and we had two (2) "Development" Level Accredited Coaches.  At the start of the 2020 season we will have at least three (3) "Development Level Coaches.

In 2020 we are seeking to host...

  • National Accreditation Courses (for Development & Intermediate Level) and

  • Non-accredited Coach Development Workshops (at least one).

For a copy of Netball Australia’s 2018 National Coach Accreditation Framework – Click Here

It's not all about talent.  It's about dependability, consistency, and being able to improve.  If you work hard and you're coachable, and you understand what you need to do, you can improve.

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is a Head Coach in The National Football League.  His teams win A LOT and although there is much complexity to the experience he brings, there is also a simple, unassuming and direct approach.

I admire this guy.

Andrew Hamlyn

Every single player matters. Every single player can change the course of the game.

Bill Belichick

For all your coaching enquiries please contact Andrew Hamlyn.


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