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A reminder to all clubs, to ensure no loss of points occurs to your teams, PRNA Executive would like to remind teams of the following excerpt from the Fixtures Policy: 

9.8 Loss of Points 


9.8.1 During a season, club teams may incur penalties resulting in loss of competition points. These penalties are: Missing player signature on a Scoresheet = -1 point Missing information on a player filling = -1point in a higher grade No record of a club team playing with less than seven (7) players = -1 point Playing an Unregistered Player = -3 points Where both teams break the playing regulations, no points and no goals shall be allocated for the game.


Teams are also reminded of the following:


7.11     The Captain of a club team is responsible for signing the scoresheet as correct.  If the Captain considers the scoresheet incorrect, the Captain shall sign it on the back and give reasons for not accepting the scoresheet as correct. The

Captain should report to the Control so an appropriate official may investigate as they deem necessary.


7.4       At the conclusion of the game, the club team scorer must cross out the printed name of any player who did not take the court, and it shall be initialled by both Team Scorers.

7.14     When playing a player from a lower grade, the Club Team No. or Name and Grade playing from must be noted on the scoresheet beside the player's name.


7.15     When a club team plays with less than seven (7) players, the number of players must be noted on the scoresheet.


From round two onwards, failure to comply with the policy will result in loss of points to your team.


The full Fixtures policy can be found on the PRNA website.


We believe that the success of a team, in part, relies on the performance of its Coach. Just as it takes time and perseverance for the players to work together as a team; so too the ability of a Coach to reach the individual players and through encouragement, bring out their best.


As a Coach you are a leader not merely a person with authority. Next to the children’s’ parents youngsters spend more time with, and are more likely to be influenced by their teachers than anyone else. As the Coach you are the teacher who will provide by far the most influence in their sporting lives. The powerful influence should be a sacred trust for all those who are in the position to help mould the character of young people in their growing years.


Coaching technique is largely an individual and personal skill that is acquired, enhanced and modified in the light of experience and experiment.

United Starz Netball strongly follows the philosophy that each player is to receive equitable court time during the season’s weekly rounds, regardless of ability. Coaches are asked to uphold this philosophy. Coaches are also asked to follow our ‘Starz Spirit’ philosophy and to regularly discuss the importance of this ‘Spirit’ and of working as a team with their players.


You should also consider that the roles of coaching are many and varied with the main aim being to impart knowledge. The more you know the more you can teach, therefore the United Starz Netball Management team strongly encourages our Coaches to attend coaching development courses at every opportunity and watch other coaches to get a feel for what works best.


United Starz helpful links and documents:


If you believe you possess what it takes to become a United Starz Netball Coach then please complete the coaching nomination form and submit it our President Ari Matchitt.


We would love to have you on board.