2020 BNA Rule Changes

Prior to COVID striking, a review of the Games Rules was conducted and updates were made.  Please find attached a copy of the new games rules with the changed rules highlighted in green.


COVID has also necessitated further games rules changes for this 2020 Winter Day Season only.  A summary of these changes is also included – GAMES RULES APPENDIX 2020 WDS


In the spirit of making this 2020 Winter Day Season a little more fun and different, the Board is keen to introduce a particular rule being the rolling substitution rule for Intermediate and Opens games only.  Details are provided in the games rules appendix document.  Whilst just not a fun factor, other benefits include the ability of coaches to manage players’ return to play court fitness.


All these changes will be explained further at the Club Forum but the Board wanted you to have a chance to review and discuss the changes prior with your Club committee members.





Helen Gamble

Administration Officer 

Brisbane Netball Association

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