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In 2020, United Starz are affiliated with both Pine Rivers Netball Association (PRNA) and Brisbane Netball Association (BNA).

We have teams playing in the Spring Fixtures for both.  


This will be the first year this is being attempted for us.  We have considered the expansion for a handful of seasons now and this season is when we get to actually do it.  We are excited about being able to offer our Starz family an option when it comes to selecting a playing venue and a choice when it comes to representative pathways.  Everything else stays the same.

We remain committed to PRNA and will continue to contribute to the amazing netball community we know and love.  PRNA have been very supportive as we have taken the step to bring this exciting change about.


We are also excited about growing in to a whole new space and becoming a part of the BNA community.  Our club is not unfamiliar to BNA, plenty of our players enjoy the Summer Nights Season at BNA and our Umpires often run the sideline here during Summer and Winter seasons.  BNA have been very welcoming and we cannot wait to see our Starz shine in this new environment.

For us, our Starz family comes first and we have listened to you.  We heard that for some it is a matter of convenience in that you live closer to BNA and would like to play fixtures there but do not want leave United Starz to do so.  For others it has been more about choosing another pathway without leaving netball.  We support our players and families in these choices and are very proud to be able to offer options.  This first year we will only be taking two teams and we have worked with a handful of families we knew were already moving to BNA.  We have been fortunate in keeping our Starz family mostly intact.


Thank you very much to both associations for their support and to our Starz Family who have asked for this.  Change often comes with a little pain but without it the world would stop.  


How cool will it be to win prizes at two associations?

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